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Liverpool Architecture Walkabout – Visiting Liverpool Central Library and Picton Reading Room.

As part of my photographic tour of cities around the UK (slow moving tour, but definitely happening)… I visited the striking, impressive, alive and generally amazing city of Liverpool.

I stopped by Liverpool Central Library first, you walk a few metres inside and look up to be confronted by this abstract spiral design with walk-way criss-crosses going right up to the top. The angles allows it to look almost spaceship-like. The next photo shows how it appears once you’re right up to the top.

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The Edinburgh Walkabout – Pt 1 of 2 : Fashion Model Photo Shoot with Zan Phee

Recently I was lucky enough to visit Edinburgh for a commercial photography job, whilst I was there I took the opportunity to photograph the beautiful city and I also organised a photo session with a model. This first blog post includes the model portrait photos, part two will be the buildings.

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Twitter Portrait Series: Photo Shoot with Artist Catherine Marsh

Although a good chunk of my photography work is in and around Bristol, I often travel around the country. I had a corporate portraiture job come up in central London a couple of weeks ago.. and I was pleased to realise that I had a few hours available to do some blog photography on the way…so I asked about on Twitter if anybody lived nearby and wanted to do a portrait session with me on my way. Artists Catherine (@Catherinelm) volunteered and we organised a session by a nearby lake in the beautiful Reigate.

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Pets and People Series: Gwen and Harriet the owl

Portrait Series: Pets & People

Recently I was talking about owls on Twitter (as I do a fair bit) and the lovely @trendyredmac replied saying her friend looks after a barn owl… immediately my mind started thinking this was a perfect photo opportunity… skip forward a few weeks and I’m visiting Gwen and her beautiful barn owl Harriet at Gwen’s tweed clothing company ‘Harriet Hoot‘ (named after her owl).

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