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The Mary Rose – a Behind The Scenes tour for Candis Magazine

In 1979 excavation work began on bringing to the surface King Henry VIII’s 16th-century Tudor warship The Mary Rose, which sank into the depths of The Solent more than 450 years ago. We are now able to visit and enjoy the ship and its contents which have been lovingly restored, reconstructed and housed in this breathtaking museum located in Portsmouth.

I was sent to the Mary Rose to carry out a Behind The Scenes set of photos for Candis Magazine. You might have seen my recent set of images for Candis from Trill Farm in Axminster, well this brief couldn’t have been much more different.

We spent the day visiting the various parts of the museum, here we see some of the items which were found on the ship, as well as the skeleton of the ship’s dog – named Hatch due to the location of where the skeleton was found.

It was a real pleasure to meet one of the original divers who brought the Mary Rose to the surface all those years ago, Chris Dobbs (seen below in the orange overalls) had just graduated from college when he started working with the ship. We also see David Pearson, the conservation manager, checking on the artefacts which his team restore, some of which are then used for general display.

It was exciting to see up close a cannonball from the ship, these were worked on whilst at sea and made smooth ready for battle. The stones shown below would have been from the kitchen’s stove area.

Collections Officer Simon Ware showed us the private collections which are too delicate for public display. Below we see longbows and arrows which were beautifully preserved as they were stored in chests on the ship. Mary and Charlie from the education department showed me the replica items which are used to allow people to get closer feel for what life might have been like.

Visitors to the museum may not realise what goes on behind the scenes, too. The museum needs to be kept at a constant temperature with the correct amount of moisture. Brian Robinson checks on these levels. Also below we see the gigantic task of cleaning slides and transferring to digital to be saved for future generations.

A wonderful day looking around a genuine wonder – I highly recommend visiting. Thanks to the Mary Rose for giving us such amazing access to all areas, and thanks also to Candis for sending me!

Candis is a monthly women’s magazine, for more information do visit their website.

Trill Farm – a behind the scenes photo story for Candis Magazine

I recently had the great pleasure of visiting Trill Farm in Devon. It’s an inspiring place which includes an organic farm with restaurant, education centre, bed and breakfast and a farm shop… one of their main products is beautifully smelling soap.

I was asked to take photos of Trill Farm for a ‘Behind The Scenes’ story for popular monthly magazine Candis. Candis Magazine have sent me on many wonderful photo shoots (which I’m going to hopefully feature more of in future blogs) and this one was another colourful and interesting brief – I’m excited to share some of the photos with you.

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Liverpool Architecture Walkabout – Visiting Liverpool Central Library and Picton Reading Room.

As part of my photographic tour of cities around the UK (slow moving tour, but definitely happening)… I visited the striking, impressive, alive and generally amazing city of Liverpool.

I stopped by Liverpool Central Library first, you walk a few metres inside and look up to be confronted by this abstract spiral design with walk-way criss-crosses going right up to the top. The angles allows it to look almost spaceship-like. The next photo shows how it appears once you’re right up to the top.

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The Edinburgh Walkabout – Pt 1 of 2 : Fashion Model Photo Shoot with Zan Phee

Recently I was lucky enough to visit Edinburgh for a commercial photography job, whilst I was there I took the opportunity to photograph the beautiful city and I also organised a photo session with a model. This first blog post includes the model portrait photos, part two will be the buildings.

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Twitter Portrait Series: Photo Shoot with Artist Catherine Marsh

Although a good chunk of my photography work is in and around Bristol, I often travel around the country. I had a corporate portraiture job come up in central London a couple of weeks ago.. and I was pleased to realise that I had a few hours available to do some blog photography on the way…so I asked about on Twitter if anybody lived nearby and wanted to do a portrait session with me on my way. Artists Catherine (@Catherinelm) volunteered and we organised a session by a nearby lake in the beautiful Reigate.

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Pets and People Series: Gwen and Harriet the owl

Portrait Series: Pets & People

Recently I was talking about owls on Twitter (as I do a fair bit) and the lovely @trendyredmac replied saying her friend looks after a barn owl… immediately my mind started thinking this was a perfect photo opportunity… skip forward a few weeks and I’m visiting Gwen and her beautiful barn owl Harriet at Gwen’s tweed clothing company ‘Harriet Hoot‘ (named after her owl).

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