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Bristol Photographer Tames Vortex

Bristol Photographer Tames Vortex

I was reminded about the time I photographed a vortex tonight, it was one of the most memorable jobs I’ve done, so I thought I’d blog about it so you

could have a look for yourself!

The client (Hydro International, Bristol) had created a large tank with tailored machine which would create this beautiful swirling vortex, my challenge was to actually capture it effectively on camera for use on their promotional materials.

I set up flash lights all around the tank and for a while concentrated on photographing downwards into the water, thinking that was going to be the most effective picture, but as it turned out it was from the side and slightly down under the water which was most effective.

The trickiest aspect of the side photography turned out to be reflections on the side of the tank from the flash lights – they followed me everywhere. I ended up making a complete light tent which covered every side of the tank. To somebody coming into the room they’d just see a bunch of sheets in a square with a photographer up a ladder.
I hope you like the final product! Do let me know if you have any questions. The graduated background was added in post production, but the vortex is exactly as it was!




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