Architectural & Interiors Photography

I very much enjoy architectural and interiors photography. I use an amazing 45 megapixel digital camera with super high quality wide angle Canon tilt & shift lenses to achieve perfectly straight buildings (if required) with beautiful detail.

I have been shooting buildings for years and enjoy photographing the final product but also all of the stages up until completion. I have shot some very dramatic wrecked buildings in the past which have gone on to be superb projects once construction is complete, Lakeshore by Urban Splash in Bristol comes to mind.

I enjoy both wide angle room/building shots as well as more creative close-up shots, both of which are often required for clients to design a striking and successful website / brochure / leaflet etc. As a freelance photographer I travel all over the UK shooting buildings, recently I’ve been in Bristol, London, Gloucestershire and Bath, including an amazing church conversion in Pensford, near Bristol. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your particular project. 

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Thanks to the following for the images above: Cubex, Urban Creation, Bevan Brittan, Arup, AWW. 

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