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Thank You and Short Film about Bird / Bath – Exhibition by Paul Groom Photography

Thanks to Matt Bigwood of The Wotton Times for taking the above image of Paul Groom, photo used with thanks.

Bird / Bath

Thanks to everybody who came to my exhibition last weekend, I’m very pleased to say that it was a big success with a preview night which included Bristol jazz singer Lady Nade performing, a chance to meet Zonda the black eagle from The International Centre for Birds of Prey and also a slightly unexpected disruption by actors Nik Howden and Nikki Warwick.

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The Mary Rose – a Behind The Scenes tour for Candis Magazine

In 1979 excavation work began on bringing to the surface King Henry VIII’s 16th-century Tudor warship The Mary Rose, which sank into the depths of The Solent more than 450 years ago. We are now able to visit and enjoy the ship and its contents which have been lovingly restored, reconstructed and housed in this breathtaking museum located in Portsmouth.

I was sent to the Mary Rose to carry out a Behind The Scenes set of photos for Candis Magazine. You might have seen my recent set of images for Candis from Trill Farm in Axminster, well this brief couldn’t have been much more different.

We spent the day visiting the various parts of the museum, here we see some of the items which were found on the ship, as well as the skeleton of the ship’s dog – named Hatch due to the location of where the skeleton was found.

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