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Clevedon – Photographing the beach and pier.

Clevedon – Photographing the beach and pier.

A very enjoyable evening was spent (with fellow photographer friend Aaron Weight) in Clevedon near Bristol this week. The pier there is a superb bit of architecture, so beautiful, and extremely photogenic.

First of all I concentrated on the jetty, beach and pebbles surrounding the pier, trying to get in so close that they reveal their own patterns and textures… I was really waiting for the sun to go down….. whilst waiting I enjoyed the photo opportunities the low sun made with shadows upon the walls. Of course, the sun set shot isn’t the only shot to be had of the pier. I tried a black and white one here with the seaweed looking nicely dramatic. Eventually, though, the sun did indeed set. I got into position in order to put the sun behind the pier structure (almost standing on somebody’s barbecue in the process) and got this shot… Once I’d ruined their barbecue I decided to get the sun to the side of the pier, this seagull thankfully chose that moment to fly, which I like to think gives extra interest. Finally the sun entirely set, and I was left with a peaceful scene in which the sea suddenly takes on a different feel altogether, the whole scene changes dramatically within minutes, a beautiful place.
Hope you’ve liked the pics below…


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