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Live-8 at The Eden Project: Paul’s Photos

Live-8 at The Eden Project: Paul’s Photos

Recently I was reminded of the legendary Live-8 concert in 2005 and I’ve dug out the pics to have a look, and show you.

I covered the event for Comic Relief as they were involved in the day, and I got to go to The Eden Project to photograph the superb concert held there, which featured many amazing artists like Youssou N-Dour, Peter Gabriel, Geoffrey Oryema, Mariza and lots more.

I was fortunate to be there for the whole day, including being in the press area when Peter Gabriel was explaining about the event and I photographed him being interviewed by TV and radio stations from around the world. Thomas Brooman from WOMAD and Tim Smit the creator of The Eden Project were also interviewed, a proud moment in The Eden Project’s history.

Two noticeable moments… at one point in the day Nelson Mandela spoke to the concert through a television link up, everybody was very emotional. Also, Angelina Jolie popped up for one reason or another, I’d entirely forgotten about this, but the pic is below, so it must’ve happened!

I hope you enjoy looking through these pictures, the event was special for me because it was at the beginning of my career as a photographer. I was about to go full time freelance and covering this event gave me a good deal of confidence to be brave and leave my job in a publishing company in Bristol… which as I’m sure as you can imagine, is a very big step.



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