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Model Photo Session: Ismay

Model Photo Session: Ismay

Zoom back three quarters of a year and I’m photographing a young model called Ismay, being tickled by long grass and battling against stinging nettles.

We did this session just before my ten year anniversary OWL exhibition in Bristol, and the photos have been waiting to be shown ever since… well, it’s now time!

It was a superb session, with the sun going down so we had some strong side light. Ismay has a very natural way with the camera, a striking look and she easily fell into poses which really work with the natural surroundings.

I particularly liked the red brick setting which seemed to compliment her clothing, with the greenery adding a quirkiness to the images.

I like the photos in black and white and colour, so have included both here.

Using a single flash light I brought strong shadows to the red brick background to give the pictures a more stylised feel.

Hope you like the pics, thanks to my model Ismay.

Please do let me know if you would like to model for me, or if you know somebody who might.


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