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Model Photo Session: Paulina

Model Photo Session: Paulina

Recently a client very kindly gave me the chance of using a deserted warehouse in Bristol for a model photo shoot…. not wanting to miss out on an opportunity, I immediately set about finding the right model and make-up artist and was very lucky to find a striking model called Paulina and very talented make-up artist Ivona.

Shoot details:
Model: Paulina Bobrowska
Make-up: Ivona Nowak

Paulina had an amazing way with the camera, putting across attitude and style.

I found her very easy to work with, her look lends itself to so many styles of photography: editorial / advertising / lifestyle… you name it.

Paulina brought this amazing vibrant red dress with her, which contrasted well against the bleak warehouse environment.

The black and white images, however, bring relief from the red, though.. and allows us to focus on Paulina’s natural way with the camera.

Thanks so much to Paulina and Ivona. Do let me know if you want to be in a model photo shoot yourself, or even if you know anybody who may do.

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