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Pets and People Series: Helen and Snakey the Corn Snake

Pets and People Series: Helen and Snakey the Corn Snake

Portrait Series: Pets & People

As promised in my last Pets & People post, I now have for you Helen and Snakey her Corn Snake (named by her son) who live near to Bristol, UK.

Before the shoot, I wasn’t sure what kind of photos I could hope for from this session… for a start there’s the size difference, I would be attempting to show the relationship between my two subjects, yet one has a mini snake face, and one has a human face, how can these subjects take equal billing in a photo? Also, how close would Helen feel comfortable getting to her snake, and finally where would it be – would she dare take it outside, or would it escape….?

My mind was put at ease immediately when talking to Helen, who not only said she handles the snake (it’s OK as long as it hasn’t just shed its skin), but can also have it around her neck, outside… this gave me the drama & situation I was looking for and allowed this first picture (above), which I love.

There was no doubt throughout the session of the bond they have, how many people would feel comfortable doing this, for example:

Helen told me a little more about Snakey:

What can I say about myself and snakey ? well I love all creatures and nature. Hurt no living thing is my motto. I have got lots of pets including insects, many of which I have rescued.

Snakey is one of my favourite pets I have a real bond with her. She is 4 years old and spends a lot of time around my neck, while I am doing housework etc. I am a vegetarian so it was hard at first feeding her mice and rats but they come frozen, so its not too bad!

Another approach to simply getting the faces close together, I also experimented with making Helen out of focus in the background whilst Snakey took centre stage:

I’d like to say a big thank you to Helen and Snakey for letting me take these pics, I’m really enjoying this project…  if anybody else has an interesting pet which you think would suit this personal project then please do let me know.



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