I enjoy working with people to get the best from a photo session, whether it’s a corporate photo shoot, a creative portrait session for a magazine, relaxed profile shot for a blog or a posed shot for a press release. 

I regularly cover press launches and PR events. I also do a lot of corporate photography for company leaflets and brochures as well as live music concerts and covering celebrity appearances.

On occasion my clients need pictures within minutes of the shoot and I can process photos on my laptop on-site straight away ready for press, live image feeds and social media, an essential service as a freelance photographer.

I often work with make-up artists and stylists on photo shoots, whether it’s in the Bristol area or further afield.

Need a Photo Session?

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Architectural  • Industrial  • PR/Editorial  • Studio  • Events • Birds of Prey

Thanks to the following for the images above: Cassie Everett, Parkinson’s UK, Harry Hall Magazine (Newhall Publishing), Trill Farm (Candis), Khie Biggs (model), Burges Salmon, Longleat (Candis), American Express, Katie Elliott 

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