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Corporate Photography Prices

The Four Packages

I have four popular packages which suit most of my clients. These break down into lengths of time you need me on site for or whether you’re booking for a conference or corporate event.

If you have any queries about which time-span you should choose then please get in touch and I will give you a good idea depending on factors such as location, number of people or rooms to photograph and your intended usage.

I have made a special column for conferences / corporate events… at these events I take a great deal of photos in quick succession, rather than concentrating on one scene, and so this needs to be priced in a different way to standard corporate photo shoots.

Processing Time

Some jobs require more processing time than others. I will let you know when I quote if I expect to need to charge extra processing time. Computer time is charged at £50 +VAT an hour.

Personalised Quotes

If your requirements don’t fit into one of the listed prices below, do let me know and I’ll happily send you a more personalised quote, also if you have any questions about any of my services.

Video Pricing

Each video commission is very different with regards to editing time and equipment needed, so if you let me know your requirements then I can quote for you.


Full Day


Half Day


2 Hours 


Depending on the job some extra processing time may apply, please ask for more information.
Please add VAT and mileage/parking to the above prices.

Conferences / Corporate Events Photography

Full day (7hrs): £750
Half day (3.5hrs): £425

Includes cost of processing images
Please add VAT and mileage/parking to the above prices.

50.3 and 30.3 Megapixel Cameras

Depending on the job in hand, the company is now using both the Canon 5D MKIV (30.4 megapixel) and the Canon 5DS (50.3 megapixel). The high pixel count of the 5DS lends itself well to studio, large print and architectural work whilst the 5D MKIV really shines for most other settings such as lower light work, video and much more besides.

Photography Equipment

Unlike some other companies, I have all of my own photography and studio flash equipment including lights and backdrops so do not need to hire these in at an extra cost, which can create further additions to the invoice. The prices above includes the cost of using this equipment.

I also use a high resolution laptop which I can bring to shoots for you to see the shots we’re creating.


All jobs inevitably have some expenses such as mileage which I will explain fully when quoting.

Copyright and Usage

The fees above cover most copyright and usage. Clients can use the images however they wish on websites, brochures, press releases, newsletters, internal communications and much more. Please get in touch if you are considering large scale usage such as billboards or the images being published in a widely published book as this may alter prices slightly. Finally, please don’t allow other companies to use the images I’ve taken for you. Sharing images isn’t a problem, but just let me know and we can work a price out for extended usage which you could potentially share.

Here are my full terms and conditions – do let me know of any questions.

Video Equipment

The company owns everything needed for most video needs, including LED lighting, tripods, stands, multiple microphones, reflectors and cameras capable of 4K video. If you have any specific requests we can hire in extra equipment easily.