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Photography Resources

When I’m out and about on jobs people often sidle up to me and ask me about photography, where I buy things, how I started and which websites I like. I’ve written about how I started on my About Me page, but here is a page of  links and resources which will (I like to think) be interesting to anybody interested in photography.

Where to Buy

Be very careful when buying camera equipment online, there are a lot of people out there ready to take you for a ride. I like to keep to it simple when buying gear, and I generally use one of the following online shops:

Mr.Cad – Superb shop, proper reliable service with very knowledgeable staff. I buy most of my studio equipment from here and any problems they are always there to talk.
Calumet – Particularly relevant for me as this shop is in Bristol itself. Great service, friendly and knowledgeable.
WEX – Formerly known as Warehouse Express, this place is great with very quick service.
Karlu – A great resource for lighting and studio equipment. I have bought many background papers from them, great service.

Gallery and Discussion:

When I started becoming serious about photography I spent a lot of time on a websites looking for feedback on my photography, this really helped in fine tuning my skills. The main one I spent time on was ePhotozine – which I enjoyed greatly. Since becoming professional ten years ago I rarely have time to post anything, but I recommend it heartily. Some of my pictures even featured in the official ePhotozine book which they published called the ‘Guide To Great Photography’.
They also have a Facebook page.


I have used Peak-Imaging a lot in the past for my printing, they’re a professional lab based in Sheffield and provide superb quality prints.

Professional Make-up Artists

Here’s a list of superb make-up artists I have worked with personally:

Helena Restall – Region: Shropshire Powys Cheshire
Jody Amner
 – Region: Wales, but travels to shoots.
Nicole Fairfield – Region: Bristol, Somerset, London, UK
Victoria Hemmings – I worked with her in Bristol, but all around.

History Of Photography

Wikipedia page on photography  A nice overview and looks at the history/etymology of photography, dating back to 1839 no less. Once you’ve enjoyed that page then you can move on to a look at the history of the Single Lens Reflex Camera.