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The Edinburgh Walkabout – Pt 2 of 2 : Architecture and Gothic Drama

The Edinburgh Walkabout – Pt 2 of 2 : Architecture and Gothic Drama

Following on from yesterday’s blog post with Zan Phee modelling for me, today I am posting the photos I took of the buildings around Edinburgh.

When I approach a city (or anywhere, really) to photograph, it’s good to look at the obvious opportunities (in this case Edinburgh Castle) but perhaps more importantly for me I want to capture some of the less celebrated spots around and about. Of course, with such a stunning castle sitting on the horizon pretty much wherever you go, it’s difficult not to photograph it…

One thing which struck me about Edinburgh is the amount of perfect little alleys, walkways, hidey-holes and generally great locations to photograph. The third picture below is of the Scotsman Steps, each step is made from a different type of marble. This link has more information of the marble detail.

If you’ve seen the first part of my blog, you’ll recognise the following steps as the ones Zan sat on (third picture), those portrait shots were done with an 85mm f1.2 lens, these architecture ones are done with a Tilt and Shift 17mm lens, so you can see the difference in feel you can achieve.

When I needed a rest I stopped by a lovely little cafe called Forsyth’s Tea Room in Old Town to have a coffee. The amazing lady there, Christina, welcomed me warmly and gave me a map to carry on my adventure.

I don’t quite know why I love this image so much, I think it’s the fact that this huge camper van piled into my photo (at an angle), it makes me smile.

Finally here are a few more moments which I saw as I made my way around Edinburgh, including some of the graffiti there, neatly placed on these arched boards.

An excellent day spent in a great city….. I’m now planning a similar trip around other cities to carry on this theme – so keep an eye out for future posts.



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