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Trill Farm – a behind the scenes photo story for Candis Magazine

Trill Farm – a behind the scenes photo story for Candis Magazine

I recently had the great pleasure of visiting Trill Farm in Devon. It’s an inspiring place which includes an organic farm with restaurant, education centre, bed and breakfast and a farm shop… one of their main products is beautifully smelling soap.

I was asked to take photos of Trill Farm for a ‘Behind The Scenes’ story for popular monthly magazine Candis. Candis Magazine have sent me on many wonderful photo shoots (which I’m going to hopefully feature more of in future blogs) and this one was another colourful and interesting brief – I’m excited to share some of the photos with you.

A brief history of Trill Farm, this is the description from their website:

Trill Farm is a 300 acre mixed organic farm set in the rolling hills and woodlands of east Devon. Romy Fraser bought the farm in 2008 with the aim of developing an education centre and community of small businesses that could work together to use the land’s resources.

It is interesting to note that Romy Fraser created the high street chain Neal’s Yard Remedies in 1981. You can read about this in the Trill Farm blog.

The image above is Romy and her daughter, Tamsin. Let’s look around the farm…

I had an extremely tasty lunch whilst I was at Trill Farm, chef Chris Onions and his team serve lovingly created home made food which include ingredients sourced on the farm as much as possible.

The Gotland Sheep which they keep at Trill Farm give a very distinctive grey wool, which you can see below.

Here you can see some of the soap making oils and petals… and then the finished product.

An excellent day, and great to see how things work on a busy organic farm. Thanks to Trill Farm for being so accommodating and giving me access to the whole farm, it was superb.

You can find this story and other Behind The Scenes photo stories in Candis Magazine.

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