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Twitter Portrait Series: Photo Shoot with Artist Catherine Marsh

Twitter Portrait Series: Photo Shoot with Artist Catherine Marsh

Although a good chunk of my photography work is in and around Bristol, I often travel around the country. I had a corporate portraiture job come up in central London a couple of weeks ago.. and I was pleased to realise that I had a few hours available to do some blog photography on the way…so I asked about on Twitter if anybody lived nearby and wanted to do a portrait session with me on my way. Artists Catherine (@Catherinelm) volunteered and we organised a session by a nearby lake in the beautiful Reigate.

Catherine was a superb model, has a great natural grace which I think comes across well in the pictures. I love the fluffy hat ones, but I’m always a sucker for fluffy hats. We had about twenty minutes before the sun went down, so first of all we grabbed the opportunity of getting the sun behind her, rim lighting her hat, which ended up being my favourite shot with that lovely yellow light and her amazing hair.

At the end of the shoot we tried a photo by the swans, I love the slightly surreal feel to this, although if I could do this shot again I’d add a hair light to separate her from the background, but the fact that that light would have to be in the water might’ve made this tricky.

I’d like to say a big thanks to Catherine for being my model, and do get in touch if you’re interested in being in a creative portrait in the future.


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